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Sally Downie

Why I Care about Ending Poverty

Poverty is not acceptable, it must be stopped and as the future of this world I believe it's our responsibility to do our part and end poverty. Since I was young I have been involved with farming, it's my passion. I've have seen how important sustainable agriculture is and how a good agricultural industry can change a countries economy and the standards of living for people. Poverty has gone on too long, now is the time to stop it. People are dying of diseases we can get simple medications for or have simple hygiene practices to eliminate the chance of catching the disease. People are starving while we are facing an obesity crisis, children are missing out on an education  and spend their day working to help their family while we complain about going to school and having to do simple household jobs. We are extremely lucky to live where we do, everyone needs to recognise that. The sooner we recognise that as a country the sooner change can come to the people who need it most. 

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  • Sally Downie
    commented on Is there a role for spirituality in development?
    "Wow, what a good article!!! I am a Christian attending the Salvation Army. As a member of the salvation army I not only see the work they do here in Australia by supporting those with financial issues, addictions etc. but I also see a lot of the work they do overseas. Each year the salvation army run the self denial appeal. People are encouraged to give up something they value for six weeks, and the money they save goes to the appeal. The money collected is sent overseas to countries where the Salvation Army is working. The work in many countries including Ethiopia, the Philippines and areas of Asia along with many other countries. They also work in PNG. They are a religious organisation and whilst they do not force religion down anyone’s throat they do use it as a basis of their work. In most cases there is absolutely no retaliation to their faith as the people they help are in desperate need of their help. Also in many cases a lot of people change the way they live by accepting their faith, learning Christianity and becoming Christians themselves. This changes their lives in an incredibly positive way and as you said gives them a sense of purpose and gives them hope and something positive in their lives. Religion is an important part of development programmes, whilst I do not believe all foundations should have religious views I believe it is something that is positive and should be encouraged."
  • Sally Downie
    commented on Building the window
    "Fantastic. The youth have the power it is up to us to use it and we must use it now. I could not agree more with what you have said. I don’t think enough young people realise the problems of this world and realise if we don’t act now they will be much bigger problems in our future. Let’s start building that window and let the light in!!!!"
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