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SA State Summit

A Masterclass In Campaigning

Are you passionate about ending poverty? Do you want to further develop your campaigning skills?

Getting involved as a Community Leader is the most rewarding and effective way to build the movement to end poverty. Our teams play a powerful role growing the movement in their local communities - having meaningful conversations with the public, planning media stunts and meeting politicians. As a Community Leader, you will drive hard hitting campaigns that become your own unique stories of friends made, challenges met and powerful impact achieved.

And it all starts with attending a State Summit.

Summits are your one-stop shop on all things campaigning. You will come together with other volunteers to learn the best techniques and strategies from Australia’s leading experts.


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The election could be called at any time, and the work we do building a critical mass of support couldn’t be more important. We know that politicians won’t act on poverty without a good reason. Through having thousands of one-on-one conversations with people and convincing them to vote for candidates who commit to taking action, we’ll give them a reason - winning key marginal seats.

The State Summits are where we’ll learn the skills to make this goal a reality.

Held in Adelaide from the 18th-20th of March, the Summits will bring together like-minded, passionate young peoplefor three days of intensive training  - on everything from social media, communications, political engagement, one-on-one conversations, personal narrative, campaign strategy, and a whole lot more… 

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We have a huge year ahead with the upcoming federal election, and by developing campaign skills we can make a greater impact on the people we speak to and the communities we reach out to. The State Summit will give us the skills to win in 2016.