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The Essential Details

The Essential Details

When: 28 September - 4 October

Where: Buses departing your nearest Australian Capital City.  The destination: our Nation's Capital.

Cost:  The cost of the Roadtrip depends on which state you’ll be departing from.  If you apply before July 1 you’ll be able to score your ticket for the exclusive early bird price.


  • Early bird price = $325
  • Normal price = $400


  • Early bird price = $425
  • Normal price = $500


  • Early bird = $375
  • Normal price = $450

The ticket price covers:

  • A seat on the bus from your nearest capital city and back (and flights if you’re coming from WA or Tassie)
  • All accommodation and most meals for the week
  • All events and activities, including registration for the final summit in Canberra

We’re committed to making the Roadtrip accessible as possible, so there are scholarships available.  These will be allocated on the basis of financial need.  You can download the Scholarship Application Pack here.

We will also support participants to do their own fundraising, check out this Sponsorship Pack filled with fundraising tips and ideas to help cover the cost of the Roadtrip.

Applications close August 22nd.

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