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Roadtrip FAQ

Roadtrip FAQ

How can I get on board?

Apply right here, right now. We’ll be in touch with you shortly for a chat on the phone, where we’ll make sure you’re across all the essential details and ready for your journey.

Once you’ve been accepted and it's all official you won’t have to wait until September to join in the fun - and start having an impact.  If you’re going on the Roadtrip, you’ll become a Community Leader. This means you’ll have a chance to lead this campaign from start to finish. You’ll be invited to events in your nearest capital city leading up to the Roadrip where you’ll meet your fellow Roadtrippers, learn and take action together. You’ll also get access to an online dashboard, with a bunch cool resources and ways that you can get involved online.


Can I apply to go on the Roadtrip?

If you're between the ages of 16 and 26 and can commit to hitting the road from September 28 to October 4, you're eligible to apply to go on the Roadtrip. If you believe that extreme poverty is unacceptable - and there’s something that we can do about it, this is your opportunity to have real impact.


What are the important dates?

Applications for the Roadtrip close on 22nd August.

Buses will depart your nearest capital city on 28th September. Officially, the summit in Canberra will wrap up on 3rd October, but if you’re from Queensland, Victoria or SA you’ll arrive back at home on October 4th.


So, what’s going to happen on the Roadtrip?

The Roadtrip is the launch pad for the End Poverty Campaign. We're taking our message to world leaders as they come together in Brisbane for the G20 Summit in November.

Picture this: the morning of the 28 September. You and 1000 other young people will jump on buses, departing every capital city. The destination: our Nation’s capital. Along the way, you’ll visit communities, hitting the streets and having meaningful conversation with everyday Australians about the issue of extreme poverty.  

Then on Day 4, all the Roadtrippers from across the country will converge in Canberra. It’s a pretty powerful feeling, standing alongside 1000 young people, just like you - who believe that we can end extreme poverty and have the courage to make it happen. We’ll meet with our leaders, sharing the stories of the people we met, to ensure that they commit to taking action on extreme poverty, leading up to the G20 Summit in November.


What’s the deal with the G20 Summit?

In November this year, leaders of the world’s 20 most influential countries will be meeting in Brisbane to discuss key issues facing the global economy. With the international spotlight on Australia, as president of the G20 this year, we have an unprecedented opportunity to create change. We'll make sure that our leaders - and the world's leaders - adopt policies that benefit, not harm, the world’s poor.


What part does Australia play?

Australia, as host of the G20 Summit, will influence the agenda. To make sure that extreme poverty is on there, we need everyday Australians behind us, and we need commitment from our leaders.

But it doesn’t end with the G20. Australia delivers life-saving aid to developing nations around the world. Last year alone, Australia's foreign aid saved at least 200,000 lives, put more than half a million children in school, and provided emergency relief for over 10 million people around the world.

This year, 7.9 billion dollars was slashed from the Aid budget. Australia hasn’t kept its promises to the world’s poor. Cut, after cut, progress has been stifled. We believe that Australia should give its fair share to help end extreme poverty.


I can’t go on the Roadtrip, can I still be involved in the campaign?

Yes!  We're driving change with the End Poverty Campaign from now until November. There’ll be heaps of ways that you’ll be able to get involved in your community before, during and after the Roadtrip. Sign up to be a Community Leader and we’ll keep you informed.


Get on board today