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End Poverty Roadtrip

Embark on an adventure across the country to end extreme poverty.

We can be the generation that ends extreme poverty. Over the last twenty years, progress has been made. Extreme poverty has already been halved.  

But right now, there are roadblocks that stand in the way of progress, like crippling cuts to aid and a global tax system that’s harming the world’s poor.

We have the power to transform this reality. As world leaders converge in Brisbane for the G20 summit in November, we have an unprecedented opportunity to put extreme poverty on the agenda - and make sure that leaders commit to fighting it.

From September 28th until October 4th, hundreds of young people will be hitting the road to reignite the movement to end poverty. We’ll embark on an adventure across the country that will transform the way that Australians think about the issue.

The Roadtrip will be the start of something big. It’s the Launchpad for the End Poverty Campaign, as we lead change right up to the G20 Summit in November.

Because together, we are powerful. And this is our moment to create real change.  

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