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Australian aid

Reverse the cuts

News has broken that Malcolm Turnbull is considering a $400 million a year cut to Australian Aid in the May Federal Budget. If thousands of us speak out, we can stop these cuts in their tracks. Will you call upon Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to reverse the cuts? Sign the petition to make your voice heard...


Dear Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,

Australian Aid matters. It matters to those still living in poverty. It matters to Australians who want to see Australia lead the region to a better, fairer collective future. It should matter to you.

But time and time again, the aid budget is being cut. And for what? To fill the hole that a $65 billion dollar corporate tax break will leave behind?.

The lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the region are at stake.

If we are serious about championing human rights, if we are serious about providing moral, economic and political leadership within the Indo-Pacific region, we cannot compromise our aid commitments yet again.  

As young people leading, creating and demanding change for a more just world, we urge you to commit to rebuilding our Australian Aid budget (and our moral integrity).

History is watching, prime minister. And so are we.  

Sign your name to urge PM Turnbull to rule out further cuts to Australian aid.