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Education and Awareness

Below is a series of resources developed by Oaktree for use in the community.

Our aim is to educate and spread awareness of Oaktree's movement, core values and beliefs.


 Youth Participation in Development

At Oaktree, we believe that young people can be valuable leaders and decision makers, as long as they are empowered and given opportunities to participate. We believe that this is particularly true for the development sector, where organisations can benefit from the unique perspectives and insights of young people.


Practice Note: Youth Participation in DevelopmentOctober 2016

Oaktree’s International Engagement team have developed a practice note that explores the value of youth participation in development. It identifies specific contributions that young people can make in different development processes, provides advice in key thematic areas where increasing youth participation is particularly important, and provides initial guidance for organisations wanting to develop a youth strategy.

 Ethical Tourism and Volunteering


Ethical Communications


Grassroots Campaigning


Political Engagement


Community Fundraising