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Reasons to get excited about Bootcamp!

Reasons to get excited about Bootcamp!

We asked young leaders from across the country why they're attending Bootcamp and what they're most looking forward to:

'I am looking forward to meeting hundreds of young leaders who are as passionate as I am about ending extreme poverty. I am excited have the opportunity to equip myself with new skills and to just have fun while I am there!' - Shaun

'Personally, I try to actively contribute to positive social movements because I think it's important to care for others. Bootcamp, I thought, would be another great chance for me to interact and expose myself to connect with more people. I hope to gain further insight and inspiration from others!' - Liang 

'I think the part I'm most excited about is being in a room full of passionate young people and having all that energy radiate throughout and to be inspired to do wonderful things. I'm excited about making relationships with people who are driven by the same things I am, and to be able to learn from each other and empower each other. So so looking forward to it!' - Sophie

'I'm so excited for Bootcamp as I know I will be with likeminded people who all have the same goal as I have, to end world poverty. I'm excited because it is a youth community group, which shows that even though we are small we are mighty. Young people can make a difference and this is just the start of my journey' - Sarina

'I’m excited about a lot of aspects of Bootcamp, but mostly just meeting like-minded people and learning more ways to help end extreme poverty!' - Zoe

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