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Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

We're just turning off the lights on the first day of the Stakeout leg in the electorate of Deakin, in Victoria. Here, we've debriefed the day, reflected on the reasons that brought us to campaigning, waged a fierce trivia battle and settled into this group - a team of nearly fifty young people, all from different backgrounds and all here for different reasons, but with one crucial thing in common: a commitment to a just, generous Australia, and the will to make that happen.


Our day didn't start with reflection and trivia, though - we began early this morning in Melbourne CBD, where we donned orange shirts, made semi-awkward introductions to our new group members, and listened through information and training sessions designed to prepare us for a big weekend on the streets. We were introduced to the Stakeout by Oaktree's CEO, Chris - who enthusiastically explained the context and urgency of our actions this week, and introduced the organisations behind the event. Our electorate heads, Jane and Rose, took us through logistics next (by this stage, the "I'm so excited" count was at about 15), before we spent time with our teams, then took an all-important morning tea break. Fuelled by muesli bars and budding friendship, we tackled training next: having conversations, Oaktree knowledge, politics and context, Australian aid - all designed to equip us for high-impact, high-return campaigning actions on the streets and on the phones in our electorates this weekend.

Full-on; yep - but "I'm so excited" was sitting rightly at approximately 45 mentions by lunch.

And now it's late, and we're nervous and excited for tomorrow - where we get to unleash what we know, what we care about, on a so-far unsuspecting Deakin public tomorrow (and in electorates all over the country). We'll share our stats and stories, we'll ask questions, we'll invite people in, and we'll take real steps towards seeing the generosity and equality we know our country - our leaders - can show.

I'm so excited.

Sophie, Stakeout Participant