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Rachael Norman

Why I Care about Ending Poverty

People are afraid of poverty, so they distance themselves from it. When we come across somebody that we can label as a victim we create a 'them and us' mindset. In order to pretend that we have some control over our own personal destiny we decide that it was the victims own fault. A moments reflection corrects this distortion, however reflection is an uncomfortable skill that many avoid practicing. My personal goal as a Community Leader for Oaktree is to change this mindset that people have and help society realise that if we all put our hands together we can end extreme poverty. 

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  • commented on Get involved friends!
    "Rachael, your plans sound awesome! Having a couple of people on your team is better than no one, and maybe after the awesome dinner you’re holding some of your other friends will consider joining you :) I’d love to hear how it goes.
    Our next meet up will be on Monday 8th April, 6.30pm at Turnstyle (10 Laura Street, Highgate Hill). Can you make it?"
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    "Hey Cassandra! Not too bad, I’ve only got a couple of people on my team but I’m organising a dinner at mine for next weekend where I cook a whole bunch of my friends dinner and they donate to my campaign how much they think they would spend if they were going out to dinner. It’ll also be a chance to tell my friends a lot more about it Live Below the Line. Is there another meet up coming up?
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    "Hi Rachael! How are you going with gathering your Live Below the Line team so far? Only a little more than a month left to go!"
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