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Dr.Bathula Sanjeevarayudu

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    (people social service & educational development society)
    Recognised by a.w.b.i , ministry of environment & forests new delhi.
    regd, under Indian societies regd. act xxi of 1860.


    1. Address : Erraguduru village, Pamulapadu Mandal
    KURNOOL Dist.
    Pin: 518442

    2. Name of the Society : P.S.S. Educational Development Society. (NGO)

    3. Authorized Signatorie’s : DR. B. SANJEEVA RAYUDU, V. NAGAMMA

    4. Registered Address, Act : Registered under Registered Society Act of XXI of 1860 in Kurnool Dt. Registrar officer.

    5. Project Address : Erragudur – 518442, Pamulapadu – Mandal,
    Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

    6. Contract Numbers : 9849092941

    7. Web Site : www.psseds.org

    8. Email Id : psseds123@gmail.com

    9. Registration Details : Regd. No. 792/92, Dt. 05-08-1992

    10. FCRA No. & Date : 010270072 Date: 1997

    11. PAN No. : AAAAP3528R

    12. UID of planning commission : AP/2013/0060445

    13. Bank Details (FCRA) : Name of the Bank – State Bank of India
    Branch – Atmakur – Branch
    A/c No. 11247801279
    Swaift Code: SBIN0000986
    MICR Code: 518002420

    14. Mission of NGO:-
     Educate and organize the marginalized sections into Groups.
     Enable them to have Freedom of thought and action ,water education .
     Enable them to take charge of their own development to share the resources equally.
     Empower them to claim their share in consumer awareness.
    15. Aims and Objectives:-
     To enrich the personal life of the rural poor people, triables, and S.C., S.T., people for providing opportunities of Adult Education, Physical culture and recreation.
     To improve the occupational and Technical knowledge of poor people for raising their efficiency and increasing livelihood water conservation ,consumer protection.
     To organize programmes of Educational, Environmental, Health etc.,
     To develop skills in identifying socials, plants motivation communication and organisation in order to sharpen them capabilities required to perform various functions associated with their present and future roles.
     To improve health and nutritional status of rural children women and physical handicapped.
     Social mobilization of poor towards self sufficiency.
     Education and organizing the poor into action groups.
     Building peoples institutions (Financial and Social) for sustainable development.
     Initiation Micro entrepreneurship for the economical growth of poor.
     To improve Health and Nutritional aspects to minimize child mortality, Anti – natal mortality and to minimize malnourishment among children.
     Organizing women into action groups and encouraging thrift & credit programmes
     To promote and help the farmers on sustainable Agriculture and Eco friendly activities.
     Initiating child development activities for building healthy and responsible future generation.
    16. Activities of NGO:-
     Meeting the basic needs including calculation and healthy, environment, pollution control.
     Rehabillitation through calculation, providing vocational training with employment apportunities folk art, and cultural activities. Consumer protection , water management etc
     Training in Machine Knitting, Tailoring, Soap making, making covers etc., Nursery Raising Tree planting campaigns. Reading room and library, literacy promotion and non-formal education.
     Classes on moral health, environment, pollution control, wild life protection youth leader ship programmes water preservation, consumer rights, consumer welfare etc.,
     Community Health Programmes.
    17. Pass Port Size Photo of Ngo Chief Functionery:-
     In professionally people social service & Educational Development Society (Social Service Organization) Executive Secretary, writer, Dedicated & Devotional Social worker, genius, planner, Social Reformer. Global Humanitarian, Environmentalist.
     In the age of twenty first year working some time in Boarder Security Force.
     22nd year he entered in Telugu Literature Awareness National Campaign.
     In 1980 taken Membership in Red Cross Society, Blue Cross, Save the Children taken key responsibilities.
     He played major role in Bharat & China peace committee & promoted National Integration camps.
     In 1990 Started people social service & Educational Development Society (NGO)
     In 1991 worked as a National Executive Secretary in Akhila Bharath Vaddera Samskema Sangham Some time.
     Since 1991 He regarding services on rural development, women & child welfare, environment conservation, animal welfare, youth development, disable welfare, education, health, poverty alleviation orphan, aged, widows welfare etc.,
     He received in 1992 A.P. State Govt. youth best services award by A.P. Chief Minister Sri. K. Vijaya Basker Reddy
     In 1992-96 participated National Environmental awareness campaign national wide.
     At New Delhi in 1992 he received “NIKHIL KOI THARA” National Award by Sri Ramakrishna Bajaj.
     In 1999 Karuna International National Award.
     2000 in the year taken Venu Menon Foundation Award by National Vice President, Krishna Kanth
     In 2006, 2007, 2009 received National Award in New Delhi
     2012 year FAPCCI Award by A.P. Chief Minister Sri. N. Kiran Kumar Reddy His services recorded in 2012 in Telugu book of records, Indian book of records, Asia book of records, world book of records etc.,
     In 2013 “KARMAVEERA CHAKRA” National Award Received.
     2014 at New Delhi National Water Award winner.

    He received many National & International Prizes Received.

    B.Com., M.S.W.
    “Nikhil Koithara” National Awardee
    Director of PSS Educational Development Society
    B.C. National Secretary, Cell No: 9849092941
    Email. psseds123@gmail.com
    Erragudur-518422, Pamulapadu Mandal,
    Kurnool District. A.P. India.

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