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Policy Change

We influence policy change towards youth participation and a more just world.

Oaktree connects youth voices to the Australian public and decision-makers to shift policy. We raise awareness and take action on issues of poverty and injustice, like Australian aid. And we advocate for youth participation in decision-making on issues that affect young people, like poverty, climate change, and development projects in their communities.

What is youth participation? 

More than half the world is under 30 years old, and more than 90% live in low-income countries. From poverty to climate change and war, young people are among the worst affected by our world's greatest injustices. We believe that young people should be included in decision-making on issues that affect them. And we know that we won't create the change we need to see without empowering young people to thrive.

For us, youth participation is not just a right, but essential to creating a more just world.

How can I fight for youth participation?

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Want to know more about our policy?

Click here for Oaktree's Complete Policy Platform.