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Collective Voice

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Demand that Foreign Minister Julie Bishop treats youth visions for Australia’s future with the respect they deserve.

Time and time again, young people are left out of decisions which will affect them most of all. Worse yet, decisions being made for them are increasingly dominated by fear and prejudice.

Young people are being treated as objects, not authors, in the story of our collective future.  

But youth have a rare opportunity to share our vision for a fairer and more generous global citizenship with Australia’s leaders.

As we speak, Julie Bishop and other leaders are drafting a ten-year plan for Australia’s participation in the global community. It’s called the Foreign Affairs White Paper, and it will help shape action on vital issues like refugees, defence, trade, climate change and aid. And they’re calling on the public to submit their perspectives.

Oaktree are gathering the opinions of thousands of young people, through online submissions and community consultations in diverse school and youth groups around the country. In just a few weeks, we will deliver these directly into the hands of our leaders in Canberra.

Without widespread backing, though, the ideas of young people are in danger of being pushed to the side, yet again.

Young people deserve a role in authoring the future we’ll be leading. So we’re calling on Australians to stand in solidarity with young people speaking out about the issues that matter. Sign the petition now to show your support.



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