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People & Operations

Our P&O (or POPs) team includes the State Directors and Assistant State Directors across the country, as well as the Recruitment & Diversity team and the Training & Development team.

The People and Operations team works to attract, retain and invest in young Australians to achieve organisational goals. We do this through ensuring that we’re bringing great people into the organisation, that our people are being properly aligned behind organisational priorities, that they’re equipped to execute strategy, and that all this is supported by efficient processes which cover your entire time at Oaktree, from your induction to your exit interview, and everything in between.



You'll find the rest of States' structures here.



For State Operations-related questions contact the SD in your state.

For General Training & Development-related questions contact Kate at a.k.bourke@oaktree.org

For General Recruitment and Diversity-related questions contact Alex at a.mclean@oaktree.org

For all other People & Operations questions contact Gaby at g.perdomo@oaktree.org

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