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The Oaktree Passport

The Oaktree Passport

The Oaktree volunteer experience is one of learning, growth and impact.  The Passport is a key part of this Journey.  Through the Passport, we'll ensure that you're equipped with the core skills and knowledge that are essential for all volunteers, and that you're always learning and growing so that you can have the biggest impact possible in your unique role in the movement to end poverty.

This is your journey. And it starts right here.

Youth Exchange, India - Expressions of interest are open!

Expressions of interest for the January Youth Exchange trip to India are now open! These trips are exceptional opportunities for learning and growth, and they are open to all volunteers. There's no doubt about it, it's opportunities like these that will define your Oaktree experience. It's a chance for you to connect in a meaningful way to Oaktree's direct impact, and be challenged and inspired by this community and the work that we do.

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The essentials

Regardless of your role, there’s a few benchmark skills and core knowledge that you need to be equipped with.  Over the course of the first 6 weeks in any role, you'll be provided with everything you need to fulfil these benchmarks. You'll be guided through the induction by your manager, but you can find all the resources you need right here.

Induction Resources

Module 1 - Oaktree 101

Module 2 - Our Brand and Our Voice

Module 3 - Our Theory of Change

Module 4 - Facilitation 101

Module 5 - Management at Oaktree


Every 6 months, Oaktree runs Performance Reviews for our leaders.  They're an opportunity pause and reflect on our work and our impact. It’s a process that enables us recognise and celebrate success, identify our strengths and areas for growth, and work out how we can improve in order to reach our potential and maximise our impact. 

Learn more about Performance Reviews

Ongoing Learning

At Oaktree, we never stop learning.  The Oaktree essentials are just the beginning.  In your monthly Passport Check-in your manager or ASD will help you develop your Professional Development Plan - and identify resources and opportunities to help you get there.  Right here is a good place to start.

Time to check-in?

Learning Resources

At Oaktree we value knowledge and we learn by doing. You'll find here resources for ongoing learning and development in core skill areas: facilitation, management and development knowledge.

Facilitation Training

Management Resources

Development and our Projects (coming soon)

Leadership Resources

To lead the movement to end poverty, we need leaders. We invest in our volunteers’ personal development, fostering confidence, self-awareness, and resilience.

Learn more about Leadership at Oaktree

Opportunities for Emerging Leaders



It's Go Day!

Live Below the Line has a huge impact.  It raises the millions of dollars that enable our partners to make a difference in the lives of those living in poverty.  It transforms thousands of Australians' perspectives on the issue.  And we make it happen.  Together.  Today is Go Day.  This is our moment. We drive...