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A Parliament of opportunity

Add your name to call on PM Malcolm Turnbull to start rebuilding a powerful Australian aid budget.

In the lead up to the election thousands of people demonstrated their support for Australian aid by campaigning in key electorates, meeting with politicians and pledging to vote for candidates that support a strong aid program.

The election is now over, but a new Parliament is a fresh opportunity. With commitments to rebuild the aid budget from the Labor Party, the Nick Xenophon Team, the Greens and more, we’re in a good position to continue our fight for more aid and stronger action on poverty.

And this couldn’t be more urgent. Since 2013, over $11 billion has been cut from Australia’s aid budget- cuts which have caused life-saving programs to be shut down for good. It’s simple: people suffer when aid is cut.

Now is the time to tell our leaders that further cuts to the aid budget are unacceptable and that we want to be part of an Australia that upholds its international responsibilities and supports its neighbours. Australian aid saves lives- add your name today.

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