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Welcome to the Overseas Impact blog

Welcome to the Overseas Impact blog

Here you will find regular and detailed information about our approach to development, and updates on our Youth Exchange initiatives. 

In this series, we will discuss our experiences of partnership and development in the Asia Pacific region. We hope to encourage a more complex understanding of international development and poverty alleviation by offering new insight, facilitating discussion and challenging mainstream understandings of development.

Our partner organisations have compelling visions for empowering young people living in poverty. They have extensive experience working in education and development as well as intimate knowledge of the communities in which they work.

Our International Youth Exchange peer organisations are actively shaping their visions for the future. These young, idealistic leaders are dreaming big and taking action to create positive social change in their home countries and the broader Asia Pacific region.

We look forward to using this blog to share the lessons that we learn from the inspiring people and organisations that we encounter in our work.

Please comment on our posts and join the conversation. Let us know what questions you want answered and topics you would like to see covered. 


 Drop us a line at overseasimpact@oaktree.org 

Image is of a young man part of the Beacon Schools Initiative run by KAPE.