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Over and out

Over and Out

I’m writing this as we wrap up Day 1 of the Stakeout: Oaktree’s biggest grassroots campaign for the year. This weekend, I join hundreds of young people coming together in electorates across the country to demonstrate the power of the movement to end poverty. We’re here to highlight the value of Australian aid and the role our nation has to play in combatting global inequality. We’ve been building our knowledge of poverty and campaign strategies- gearing up for a weekend of high-intensity grassroots action.

Already, we’ve spoken to candidates from across the political spectrum, connecting them to the stories of our movement. We’ve held chants, rallies, and media moments to make sure our message is heard. We joined with Oxfam and Campaign for Australian Aid in a bucket walk through the city to Senator Matias Corman's office. We’ve equipped dozens of young leaders with new skills and confidence to create change. And we’re just getting started.

The Stakeout will be jammed packed with meaningful conversations and street campaigning to build support for pro-poor policies like Australian aid. By demonstrating that Australian communities care about these issues, we’ll create a mandate for stronger political action.

Tonight, when I swap my bright orange campaign t shirt for my PJ's and set up camp in our community hall, I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep. The Stakeout is buzzing with the conversations and passions that fuel this movement, and I can’t wait to see the change the next two days will bring. Because every pledge we sign and every vote we change brings us one step closer to our goal: a world free from poverty.

Over and out from the Stakeout,

Alex Fuller, Stakeout Participant