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A Message from Lloyd

Lloyd's Farewell

Oaktree has been a life changing experience. In my first month, I felt like I had plunged into the ocean without knowing how to swim. The sheer volume of work that the organisation did made it seem impossible to ever be truly able to understand all of it.

I am finishing with Oaktree next week, after more than 2 years as the Chief Financial Officer. Looking back, there have been good times and bad--but regardless of those, I realise that I have learnt so much!

Oaktree believed in me and trusted me to take on a lot of responsibility at a very young age. This experience has forever changed the way that I will look at those who dedicate their lives to a social cause. Indeed, through my experiences with Oaktree, I see that there is no better way.

The road may be hard and long, but the satisfaction that comes from having a purpose, a meaningful and powerful purpose, outweighs the pain of struggle. 

Oaktree gave me a chance to contribute in the best way that I knew how, and I hope that I have been able to help both the incredible people at Oaktree and the cause of eliminating poverty. 

In my final stages of finishing with Oaktree, and no longer being able to contribute my time in the organisation (I'm getting too old!) I am delighted to now join you as a supporter of Oaktree... Taking action, contributing financially and progressing the conversation in Australia of how we can see a world free from poverty.


Lloyd Alderman, Outgoing CFO