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Chris' Note - June

A Note from Chris

This coming month has a note of sadness to it as we farewell our incredible CFO, Lloyd Alderman.

Lloyd came to Oaktree from Perth, where he was working as an accountant with KPMG. Oaktree's former CEO, Viv Benjamin, recalls the point in their interview where she knew she would offer the job to Lloyd--when he talked about wanting to be pushed far beyond his comfort zone. For its part, Oaktree certainly didn't disappoint!

Over the two years Lloyd has been with Oaktree, he has brought outstanding professionalism and expertise to Oaktree's financial, legal, compliance and risk management frameworks.

Oaktree is an amazing incubator of young leaders. It provides a place for exceptional leaders like Lloyd to be challenged and to powerfully contribute to our movement to end poverty. Part of the value of our movement is that it invests in young people to create change, endowing them with the self-belief and agency to have a meaningful impact in the areas we care about. 

I was once asked why Oaktree needs to exist, and there are lots of equally valid reasons. For some, it's about our crucial advocacy work, transforming hearts and minds. For some, it’s about our life changing work in the Asia Pacific. And for some, it’s about investing in the next generation of young Australians to change the world.

We're sad to farewell Lloyd, but so excited for what his future holds... Starting with 4 months of travel around Eastern Europe

We're also really looking forward to welcoming Esther Wan, our new CFO. Esther comes to Oaktree from life as a Senior Accountant at KPMG, and has hugely valuable experience in the not-for-profit space, having co-founded the Village School Project.

 Thank you for your support and investment in Oaktree, and in leaders like Lloyd… and welcome, Esther, to the Oaktree family. We know you’ll do great things.

Chris Wallace, CEO