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International Youth Exchange

International Youth Exchange

The International Engagement team has just farewelled (and welcomed home) a team of volunteers who are traveling to Cambodia on an International Youth Exchange trip.

Youth Exchange is about young people across the Asia-Pacific learning from each other in order to enact positive social change, and includes activities such as mutually enriching trips visiting or hosting our peer partners. 

In January this year, I ran a similar trip to visit Pravah, our peer partner in India, and saw firsthand the impact Youth Exchange trips can have on young people from both Oaktree and our partner organisations. The Oaktree team in Cambodia has spent their time overseas collaborating with our peer partner Youth Resource Development Program (YRDP) in order to share knowledge and skills between our respective organisations. 

This trip is particularly exciting for the International Engagement team, as the volunteers have also spent time with Kampuchean Action for Primary Education (KAPE), one of our funded partners, running sessions on leadership, campaigning and facilitation as part of their school holiday program. It is a privilege for the team to have the opportunity to work with both our funded and peer partners while in-country, reflecting the significant value Oaktree places on a holistic approach to partnership and education.

Youth Exchange is an opportunity for young people from all walks of life to come together and participate in a mutual exchange of knowledge and skills, while challenging themselves to engage with issues which they may not have previously experienced. This model of engagement and collaboration is also an amazing opportunity for personal and professional development for both Oaktree volunteers and our peer partners.

As young people working to end extreme poverty, we know the power that young people have, and we are incredibly excited to learn from young leaders in the Asia-Pacific who are working to create positive social change in their own communities. We are grateful to have such wonderful partnerships with KAPE and YRDP!

Jordy Bradley, Pravah Partnerships Manager