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Community Leaders Update

Community Leaders: The Lifeblood of Oaktree

Two weekends ago, from 24th-26th of July, we held our core training event for our Community Leaders: Bootcamp!

Hundreds of young people gathered in Melbourne for this action-focused training conference, bringing together sessions around community building, skills training, and campaign knowledge.

Our Community Leaders are the absolute lifeblood of Oaktree. They are the grassroots volunteers doing the vital work on the ground, working to change public perceptions through meaningful conversations. Community Leaders give around 2-5 hours a week of their time to taking action on Oaktree's campaigns, for which I am extremely grateful.

Bootcamp was incredible, because of the unique, invaluable opportunity it represented to bring all of our Community Leaders from around the country together. As Training Director for Campaigns, one of the things I was most proud to see was the peer-to-peer learning and story sharing we facilitated among Community Leaders and Oaktree volunteers. It was also wonderful to meet so many Community Leaders from around the country, and to hear and learn from their diverse experiences.

Our community organising model aims to enable skill-sharing, empowerment and the opportunity for growth, and as such Bootcamp was also the perfect space to launch our new team model for Community Leaders: organising in small decentralised teams, rather than just state teams limited by core volunteer capacity. Over the coming 6 months, this will ensure we can further our impact and reach, and allows for more opportunities for our Community Leaders to grow and learn.

At Bootcamp, we also launched our Collective Future campaign for the second half of 2015, which Community Leaders will play a pivotal role in leading. Oaktree will be focused on the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly with a request of the government to commit to providing its fair share of funding to global climate finance - assisting developing countries in taking action to mitigate and respond to the impacts of climate change.

Clare Gorton, Training Director for Campaigns