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Go Day!

Go Day!

Friday 27 March marked Go Day - a major moment for Live Below the Line, where the Oaktree community came together to drive the building momentum of the campaign.

Oaktree volunteers across our HQ office and state branches came together to call participants who've signed up to take the challenge but are yet to begin fundraising, and to write postcards to past participants thanking them for their previous support and inviting them to sign up to take the challenge again this year.

Go Day was also a broader external mobilisation for the campaign, where we rallied our participants and donors across social media, email, fundraising promotions and the website to step up their involvement.

In the week leading up to Go Day, we were lucky enough to receive a donation of a brand new iPad Air 2, and launched a competition to win it by being the highest fundraiser for the week. Anna Cooke, one of our excellent Live Below the Line participants, managed to raise $996 in that week alone, and is now the lucky new owner of an iPad!

Go Day is always a really special moment for the Oaktree and Live Below the Line community - but this year, it was also a record breaking day for the campaign. In 2014, on Go Day we raised $4 780 and had 165 new people sign up to take the challenge. On the same day this year, we raised a whopping $10 150 and had 200 new signups - particularly significantly because we have never before raised $10 000 in a single day this far out from the campaign.

Of the 150 people who kicked off their fundraising on Go Day, 74 of them were people that received a phone call from an Oaktree volunteers - that's 74 activations because of the hard work of our volunteers in a single day! We know that everyone that raises more than a dollar goes on to raise an average of $400, which means that between us, our calls activated a group of people we expect to make over $30,000 for the campaign this year.

At its heart, Live Below the Line is a grassroots campaign, and it's hugely exciting to see the impact we can have with a bunch of passionate volunteers and the simple power of a meaningful conversation.

Minnie Agnew-Elliott is Director of Outreach and Operations for Live Below the Line, responsible for mobilising the support of the Oaktree community and participating community groups and organisations.