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A note from Chris

It's Live Below the Line time!

Oaktree’s major peer-to-peer fundraiser, Live Below the Line occurs every year - from 4-8 of May. When I write next month’s update I’ll be doing so with $2 a day worth of food and drink fuelling my work. Apologies in advance if it is less coherent!

A month out from Live Below the Line, the office is full of volunteers, executing a multi-million dollar campaign. By the end of the campaign, we anticipate millions of Australians to have engaged with Oaktree’s social media content, 10,000+ people to have taken the challenge, with 40,000+ individual donors. Last week, for example, 1.1 million people were reached through Live Below the Line’s Facebook  page alone.  A quick look around the office will reveal multitudes of spreadsheets, post-it notes, charts, emails, stand ups, meetings, graphics, email drafts and heaps of volunteers working incredibly hard to make the campaign a success.

Volunteers staffing the campaign come from a variety of backgrounds - we have data analysts, IT experts, graphic designers. public relations gurus, social media managers and content strategists. When not at Oaktree, they are university students, cheerleaders, hospitality workers, travellers, coffee aficionados and ambassadors for their own projects. Each and every member of the team contributes to the success of Live Below the Line.


For us, Live Below the Line has two, powerful areas of impact:

The funds raised enable our work.

Oaktree funds incredible partners implementing life changing education programs in the Asia-Pacific. I’d encourage you to meet Rach, a student in one of Oaktree’s partner’s projects to gain an insight into the work the campaign supports.

Social impact.

Participants who do Live Below the Line gain a window of insight into what it’s like to live with less. Hear it from the Chair of our Board and long term Live Below the Line participant, Andrew Asten:

Each year I have a bit of a wrestle with myself, wanting to convince myself that I’ve done my bit and don’t need to do this campaign again. It is genuinely tough. However I firmly believe in the importance of this work, and I know that each year, by the time day 3 or 4 of the challenge rolls around, I get an incredibly valuable reminder of the restriction of choice and opportunity that comes with living in extreme poverty. The absence of any margin for error when life’s challenges such as sickness, crime, or corruption visit. It’s impact on real people, and real families. These are the reasons we need to be doing something about it.

We are truly grateful for your ongoing support of Oaktree and our work.

If you have the capacity this May, I invite you to be part of Live Below the Line in 2015.