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Neela Haryani

Why I Care about Ending Poverty

I care about ending poverty because I believe in a just world. A world where one is worse off because of where they are born or where they live. Every human being deserves the chance to meet their full potential, but literally billions of people are denied that opportunity every day. Extreme poverty has already been halved, and with enough action our movement will end it in our lifetime. 

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    "cool, but it must change"
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    "So inspiring! Please share more stories from your experiences in East Timor, Cambodia and Papua New Guine!"
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    "It’s rare for young people to lead on this scale, and have such significant impact. Put your heart and soul into the application, because that’s what the job requires. Absolutely go for it!"
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    "So Cool. Please don’t change"
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    "LOVE!!! Lets BE the change we want to see in the World!! :-) Go EACH and every individual involved in Oaktree campaigning!!! We CAN do this —> Love is the Goal"
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    "Excellent set of resources, and a really clear PD journey in the Passport framework. Great work all!"
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