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Key Information

National Conference 2018

It's that time of year! For three days in Feb you'll come together with Oaktree vols from across the country at our National Conference.

Why you should be there:

  • It's where we come together to talk about our work, collaborate, discuss strategy and plan for the upcoming year. It's the ultimate refresh: a chance to reinvigorate your passion for ending poverty and get inspired for the year ahead.
  • It's an investment in you. You'll hear from some of the brightest minds in the country and build the skills, confidence, and relationships you need to thrive in your role.
  • You'll make new friends and get to know your fellow volunteers. NC is our biggest opportunity to build and celebrate our amazing community. 

No matter how long you've been a part of Oaktree, National Conference is a must!

There will also be a party, and there's nothing quite like an Oaktree party, so GET EXCITED.

The Essential Info:

When? 23rd - 25th of February (your team might be doing a retreat in the days leading up to NC, make sure you check in with your manager).

Where? Friday the 23rd of February: Melbourne, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th in beautiful Marysville. 

What does my ticket price include? Full price tickets are $180 (1-day and 2-day tickets are also available). This covers all of your meals (except Friday lunch), accommodation and transport (and party supplies) across the weekend. A range of scholarships are available as well as a fundraising pack. Click here to apply for a scholarship, or click here to access the fundraising pack.

Do I really have to be there? Trust me, you want to go (and you'll know what I mean when you've experienced it). We strongly recommend you attend NC.




Q. What is National Conference? A. National Conference (NC) is a three day event where our volunteers from across the country come together. We run awesome workshops to build your skills and experience, go through our strategy for the following year (and give you the chance to contribute to it!), and strengthen our...