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National Conference FAQ

National Conference FAQ

Where and when will the conference be held?

National Conference will begin at 8.30am on Thursday 5th February at a central location in Melbourne. That evening, buses will transport everyone to The Old Priory in Beechworth, where we will spend the next three days. Our Buses will have everyone back in Melbourne by 6.30pm Sunday 8th February.

Who can attend?

If you're an Oaktree volunteer at the time of National Conference, you are eligible to attend.

How much does the conference cost?

All tickets are $200. You can secure your place right now by paying a $50 deposit. There is a $5 trybooking surcharge, so the total cost for your ticket is $205. Registration will remain open until January 16th. The price difference from last year is just $10 more to account for an extra day (four days instead of three!). Universities and community organisations such as Rotary clubs are often willing to provide financial support to help you attend conferences such as this. Check out the Funding Pack for more information and template letters!

What does the ticket price cover?

Your registration fee will cover your accommodation, transport within Victoria, and access to all conference resources (not to mention the epic celebrations on Saturday night!). All meals from dinner on Thursday the 5th to lunch on Sunday the 8th will also be covered. You will need to buy your own lunch on Thursday.

What is the Conference agenda?

The agenda for National Conference is currently being confirmed and will be made available closer to the date. Stay tuned for announcements soon!

Are travel subsidies available?

We have a limited number of flight subsidies available for people travelling from interstate and these will be allocated on a needs basis. You can apply for a subsidy here.

I’m under 18. Am I able to attend?

Yes, however you will need parental permission. Please get in touch with Emma Condliffe for more information at e.condliffe@oaktree.org

Are there any retreats before/after NC that I may need to attend?

There will be no retreats before or after National Conference in 2015. We are running the conference for a day longer than usual (4 days instead of 3) to accommodate for this and there will be team building moments throughout National Conference.

Need more information?

Please email Emma Condliffe at e.condliffe@oaktree.org