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National Conference: Motivation, Inspiration and Heaps of Fun

National Conference: Motivation, Inspiration and Heaps of Fun

Hot, sunny Marysville. What better place to hold Oaktree’s National Conference?

From all across the country, Oaktree volunteers came together to hear from inspirational speakers, see sneak-peaks for 2016, and to celebrate the strength and power supporting Oaktree this year.


We heard from our CEO, Chris Wallace, about Oaktree’s upcoming strategic plan and how Oaktree will make a difference in 2016. He instilled a sense of empowerment necessary to gear up for 2016 - a pivotal year in getting poverty eradication on the national agenda.

Nick Moraitis from Australian Progress shared inspirational stories about youth empowerment, giving insight into the power that young people have in building social movements and creating meaningful change.

We saw a sneak peak of the 2016 Live Below the Line campaign, which has now launched and is ready for sign ups! We were jumping with excitement about new features of the campaign and the creative potential that this year’s participants have up their sleeves.


Oaktree’s International Engagement team updated us on the success of Oaktree’s overseas trips, demonstrating the brilliance of Youth Exchange and our partnerships overseas. Jan Cossar, a member of Oaktree’s Development sub-committee, taught us about the politics of Australian Aid and where a youth led organisation like Oaktree is placed in the current political arena.

Overall, the 2016 National Conference embodied everything Oaktree loves - motivation, inspiration, and heaps of fun.