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National Conference 2013

National Conference 2013

Get Ready to Lead to the Movement in 2014!

For three days, from the 29th of November to the 1st of December, Oaktree volunteers from around Australia will gather in Victoria to learn from each other, hear from some incredible external experts and leaders and broaden our skills and knowledge that will enable us to make huge impact in 2014.

Catch up with your Oaktree friends, meet new and incredible volunteers from all around the country and be re-inspired to continue working together in the movement to end extreme poverty. No matter how long you’ve been a part of Oaktree, National Conference is a must.

It's a chance for us all to get together, celebrate the incredible year that 2013 has shaped up to be, say THANK YOU for what you do, and most importantly get ready to lead the movement in 2014!


The Essentials

When?                         - 29th November to 1st December

Where?                        - Camp Marysville, Victoria

How much?                  - $180

Registrations close 8th November.

There are also number of Retreats taking place around NC which you may be required to attend.  These are:

OGC Workshop Day | November 28 | TBC (selected OGC ambassadors)

Emergers Class of 2014 Retreat | November 28-29 | TBC (selected emerging leaders)

Live Below the Line Retreat | December 2-3 | LBL State Managers & National Team

People & Culture Retreat | December 2 | ASDs & National Team

Community Leaders Retreat | December 2 | Community Leader Coordinators & National Team

ELT DAY | December 3 | ELT and Exec

For more information check out our FAQ Page. 

Register now!

Head to NC 2013 TryBooking Page.

PS. Universities and community organisations such as Rotary clubs are often willing to provide financial support to help you attend conferences just like NC. Check out our Funding Pack for more information and template letters!