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Dine Below the Line

My Dine Below the Line Experience

By Janine Sijercic
Events Manager, first time dinner host.

Earlier this year I joined the Marketing and Fundraising team at Oaktree HQ and watched Dine Below the Line come to life. The challenge is to host a $2-a-head dinner party to raise funds for work that fights poverty, and hundreds of people have already taken part. For my own dinner, I decided to call in the cavalry and invite my closest girls around.

Not going to lie, I accidentally over invited so I was panicking a little about the idea of hosting 15 girls who know how to eat, but with my best friend (and secret weapon), we got down to work and managed to have an Italian and Indian themed night with both gnocchi and lentil dahl on offer. For a total of $1.92 per head, we had so much food. And yes, most of it was garlic bread. Shockingly, we had leftovers but no one left with an empty stomach. I also made a set of trivia questions that were humanitarian themed for a bit of entertainment.


In total, we raised $295 for Oaktree, which was way more than my goal and I am really happy with the way it all worked out. I know the funds raised will go towards youth development and campaigning opportunities across Australia, as well as educational initiatives in the Asia-Pacific.

Supporting work that helps fight poverty is important to me because I believe that as Australians, we take for granted how lucky we are to live in a country and society as prosperous as ours. As a wealthy nation, we have political, economic and social resources that make it a firm obligation of ours to do more in this world, particularly in the areas of poverty and development.

I hope that through this campaign (and maybe my trivia questions too), my guests have become more aware about the work Australians can do to help create a fairer world. I hope that Dine Below the Line inspires a new wave of altruism and creativity in the kitchen – what is a better way to fundraise than to do it with friends? Dine Below the Line was a fun night in and a great opportunity to eat fancy for a change. Can’t wait for 2017.