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International Engagement

How does Oaktree monitor its international development projects?

At Oaktree, transparency is important. If you donate money to our projects or join our campaigns, you want to know that your sweet cash money is being used effectively. 

We have two international partnerships. In Timor-Leste we partner with Ba Futuru (translation: ‘For the Future’), a local NGO that improves school education through teacher training programs. In Cambodia we partner with ‘Kampuchean Action for Primary Education’ (KAPE), another local NGO providing education resources inside the classroom (such as books, pens and uniforms) and outside the classroom (by funding extracurricular activities).

Our partners follow particular guidelines that maintain transparency and promote open communication so that all projects continue to empower students through quality education.

Three ways Oaktree monitors projects:

1. Quarterly reports

Every 3 months, our partners in Timor (Ba Futuru) and Cambodia (KAPE) send us formal reports on how their funded projects are going. These reports include:

  • Key successes including a breakdown of how many people our projects have reached and interviews with students who have benefitted from education programs
  • General achievements and evidence of their positive impact (such as interviews with participants and descriptions of activities, workshop attendance numbers, a pre- and post-evaluations of participant learning)
  • Potential program risks (any issues that may prevent our programs from running eg. absenteeism, scheduling hold-ups, difficulties reaching people due to regional areas, bad weather conditions)
  • Overall financial breakdowns

2. Annual reports

Our annual reports are similar to our quarterly reports, but contain more in-depth reflections about the progress of projects overall. They include executive summaries and key recommendations.

3. Annual monitoring and evaluation trips from Oaktree

Once a year, one or two Oaktree volunteers and our Head of International Engagement travel to Cambodia and Timor-Leste to evaluate our projects. Oaktree staff conduct their own analysis of the projects with beneficiaries, including students and teachers at the schools, and staff at our respective partner organisations.

During the 2018 Monitoring and Evaluation trip, Oaktree staff facilitated student-led evaluation workshops. These workshops encouraged the students who had participated in our projects to evaluate their overall success. Students presented their findings to the staff and students in their schools.

Our projects are improving and changing all the time to fulfill our mission: to lead, demand, and create a more just world for young people.

If you have any questions about our work, you can find more information here or contact us at [email protected].