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Ways to micro-volunteer

International Micro-volunteering Day is on Sunday the 15th of April. People are encouraged to volunteer on a small scale, often in their immediate community, and for a short period of time. It’s a great introduction to the different types of volunteering opportunities available in your local community, and it might help you discover what kind of volunteering you can do more regularly. Read on for a few ways to micro-volunteer this weekend.

Working Bees

A Working Bee is a common term for groups of people who maintain and preserve flora and fauna areas. Working Bees are a popular form of micro-volunteering, and for good reason; they’re often one-off events, take a few hours, and are usually centred in local communities. Most council areas will have Working Bees in parks, gardens and conservation sites. For more environmental conservation work, head to Go Volunteer.

Government Initiatives


In March this year, the Australian Government launched it’s Smart Volunteering Campaign. The website contains 8 guidelines to follow when searching for volunteering opportunities. You can also select your State/Territory and find approved volunteering opportunities available to you. The search tab allows you to look for a specific suburb or cause including assisting elderly people, being a walking buddy or advocating for disadvantaged groups – there’s something small for everyone.

Independent Organisations

Local based charities such as St. Vincent de Paul and The Salvation Army have lots of micro-volunteering opportunities for local members of the community. Many organisations are keen to meet micro-volunteers and get as many locals working on their projects as possible. How lucky are you?!

SEEK also have lots of opportunities available for one-off volunteering.

Happy searching!

Remember that if you are under 26 you can always find volunteer opportunities at Oaktree. We might not have micro-volunteering roles, but we reckon Oaktree is one of the best places in Australia to volunteer as a young person. Click here to check out our current opportunities.