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Campaigners for Change

Meet Ben

Ben is a Campaigner for Change—part of a year-long transformative training program that brings young people together to build skills and drive social change in communities across the country. Campaigner teams are now meeting to organise high-impact local campaigns that strive for a fairer world. We sat down to chat about Ben's experience and what drew him to the program.

Meet Ben Pic

Why did you sign up to be a Campaigner for Change? 

My background is in climate change resilience, environmental science and primary education.

Having lived and researched with inspiring and innovative communities in the Asia-Pacific region, like Timor-Leste and Vietnam, I saw firsthand the challenge of climate change and the power of education to support developing communities seeking to adapt their livelihoods.

Oaktree's heart for the life-changing power of education matched mine and I couldn't wait to serve as a team member and help communities thrive!

What have you learnt during the program?

It's been great fun meeting so many young people passionate about making the world a fairer place—I'm always encouraged by people's stories and experiences at Oaktree HQ!

Attending National Conference complimented our weekly workshops, has allowed me to learn about everything from campaign strategy to stakeholder mapping, to diversity training and ethical communications!

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There's been great variety and we've been blessed to have heaps of different Oaktree team members share and teach from their diverse experiences. 

What is young people's role in the fight for a fairer world?

As the largest generation of young people in history, I believe we have a key role to play in fighting for a fairer world, and that extends beyond delivering awesome social media skills and high energy!

We can challenge traditional aid and economic paradigms with new and innovative ideas, being a creative, collective and persistent voice in our local constituencies in fighting for a fairer world, and backing our expectations by living with radical sustainability, integrity and generosity.

We can both be the change we want to see and collectively unite to fight for a fairer world in the process.