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Marketing & Fundraising

The M&F team leads on diversifying and growing Oaktree’s revenue (getting more money from more sources, so we’re not over-reliant on one channel), growing Oaktree’s community of major, grassroots and corporate donors (building relationships with audiences with different capacities to support us financially), developing strategic partnerships which grow Oaktree’s reach and impact, and incubating and testing innovative fundraising campaigns and initiatives (doing new things on a small scale to see if they could be profitable to put our resources behind to roll-out on a bigger scale).

In 2017, the M&F team will be focusing (with the support of the rest of us) on

  • Live Below the Line (More information on our awesome Liver Below the Line team is here!)
  • Grassroots fundraising

    • Regular giving

    • Appeals and campaigns

    • Alumni engagement

  • Major gifts and philanthropy

    • Major supporter engagement

    • Grants

  • Corporate partnerships 


For any M&F questions, contact Amy at [email protected]


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