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Celebrating Oaktree's International Projects: #MandelaDay

Often used as a day to honour a social justice activist, #MandelaDay primarily serves as a worldwide focal point to celebrate groups and individuals making positive changes in their communities. Of the countless individuals, groups and organisations that create change within their local communities, we want to take a moment to celebrate our Funded Partner Organisations: Ba Futuru, and KAPE. Their commitment to improving the education for young people in Timor-Leste and Cambodia is especially inspirational this Mandela Day.


Check out some bite-sized bits of impact from participants in GEI and Ba Futuru’s education program:

Thib, 21, studying teaching, GEI Scholarship recipient:

“Without scholarship assistance since high school, I might drop-out at that time because my mother is not able to pay me and sister going to school at the same time. I would like to express my great thanks to Oaktree that has changed my life through education, I will encourage my students to study and invest in education that brings us for better life. I have no choice to be born in a rich family, but I can make decision to end my life in a good condition living,”

Kim, 24, studying accounting, GEI Scholarship recipient:

“I am very excited that I can improve myself, confident to talk and I am happy to share my knowledge to those who need help. I feel I have learnt a lot since joining the university study such as computer, Thai language and leadership skills. In the future, I will apply for a job to work in a bank as an accountant in Cambodia,”

Teacher from Primeira Dama School, recipient of Ba Futuru teacher training:

“Ba Futuru presence during this time has given us a lot of knowledge and provided new teaching methods that I now use during teaching, making it become more effective...The students are now happy, easy to teach and active in the class….I have made changes on my teaching methods.”

Teacher from Kay Rala School, recipient of Ba Futuru teacher training:  

“I feel proud because...The mentoring and observation transformed my teaching method to become better and get appreciation from students, because they are happy with the new learning process.”

Teacher from Primeira Dama School, recipient of Ba Futuru teacher training:

“The changes I got after attending the training from Ba Futuru are increasing my knowledge and my teaching ability...It helps me to prepare my lesson plan very well, so my students will not get bored in the classroom.”

Use the hashtag #ActionAgainstPoverty to share your good deeds and highlight the changemaking individuals in your communities.

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