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Lunch Below the Line

What will Oaktree be doing?

To kick things off, we’ll be running a centrepiece event at Federation Square in Melbourne.
featuring a giant rice bowl jumping castle and our team of high profile celebrity ambassadors.

There will also be Lunch Below the Line sites all over Melbourne; outside the State Library, in
Melbourne Central, on busy street corners.

The idea isn’t to push sign ups, but to publicise the campaign. We want to engage with the public by being present and approachable – think posters saying “Ask me what I’m having for lunch today.” This event will be echoed across the country – all over Australia, our teams will be Lunching Below the Line in prominent places in capital cities. 

What can you do?

As one of our amazing Community Leaders, we’d love for you to do what you do best – making an impact where it matters most, in your local community. That means organising and hosting Lunch Below the Line in your community – predominantly schools and universities. Think big dining tables in the middle of the main lawn, friends eating on couches in the middle of the school oval.

Again, the idea is publicity. This is going to be an Australia-wide event, and the more presence
we have, the more newsworthy our event. We want local papers to write articles about your
event as a part of the movement of similar events happening in communities all over Australia.

This has the most power if we all do it on the same day at the same time – between 11.30 am
and 1.30 pm, Thursday 3 April.

We’re hoping to reach thousands of people through the coverage generated by this event. This is a huge media moment. Your events will be covered by local media, our feature event by major news outlets, and collectively, ill be viral on social media.

And you can make it happen.

How do you run a lunch below the line?

Find a space at your school, university or community
1. Work out a shortlist of spaces that you’d actually like to use – school oval, a big open
lawn at uni – go for open spaces that lots of people can see
2. Talk to the powers that be about using the space – you don’t need a 70 page even plan,
just a good idea of what you’ll be doing and how many people will be involved. 
Get some friends to Lunch Below the Line with you
1. Ask a few friends to help you organise the event – it’ll be a lot easier when you don’t have
to do everything yourself
2. Also make sure to get them to commit to bringing along their own $2 lunch, so they can
be a part of this big event
Publicise it within your community
1. Make some posters to put up around school or uni
2. Spread the word via social media
Pitch for media coverage
1. Make sure you’ve read the Live Below the Line Media Toolkit (it’s in the media training
module and will soon be accessible on your LBL dashboard)
2. Use the attached media release template for Lunch Below the Line
3. Focus on local, school and university media in your pitching
Set up the space on the day
1. We’d love for you to match the kind of vibe we’re going for with our Melbourne Lunch
Below the Line – random pieces of dining room furniture – kinda mismatched and kitsch
2. Feel free to be creative and go for your own style though – whatever works best!

For more information check out the media engagement module under the training tab on your dashboard or contact Katie Morris: k.morris@oaktree.org