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Lucy Slevin

Lucy's profile has not yet been filled out.

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    "Love it! Awesome idea to channel one of your passions through another, I’m sure you’ll smash your goal for LBL! :)"
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  • commented on Music For Change
    "Yay! An enjoyable read indeed :)"
  • commented on Music For Change
    "Why can’t I edit this, the last paragraph was cut!

    “My goal is to raise $400 towards Oaktree’s movement to end extreme poverty, and I’m going to do this through music. By busking, by writing, by performing – It’s still in the conceptual stage though I know I want to do something. I want to start acting the talk.”"
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  • commented on Coby Plain and the Ice Cream Song
    "An avocado in a hipster salad. I am gone. This is great."
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