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Live Below the Line

The LBL team work incredibly hard for many months of the year to pull off a 5-day event that brings in more than $1.5 million annually for Oaktree. These guys do a bit of everything - Partnerships (we’re buddies with everyone from AusPost and Spotify, to Uber and Deliveroo), Communications (do you know how much goes into the perfectly-crafted email?), Visual Content (these Adobe wizards create everything from GIFS to TV ads), engaging workplaces to get onboard, and making sure the LBL website can handle all that traffic and is easy & fun to use. All this is supported by Projects teams in each state, who carry out the grassroots implementation of the LBL strategy, focussing on building relationships with schools and universities.

We already know it’s our most significant source of revenue - we’d have been a whole $10 million poorer without it over the last 6 years. But Live Below the Line is also an opportunity for thousands of Australians to take action on the issue of poverty, and the campaign supports their journey through feeling frustrated or disenchanted about poverty, to taking powerful action, and changing the perspectives of people around them.

The campaign is that outlet for 10,000 participants every year, and 45,000 donors - all of whom we’ll invite to engage with our work in other ways post-LBL. We also rack up a tonne of media interest, have a great platform to broadcast Oaktree’s game-changing international engagement work, and have the opportunity to bring in corporate partners and public ambassadors. 


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