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Improve Access to Quality Education: Let's Act!

Improve Access to Quality Education: Let's Act!

By supporting Oaktree’s Let’s Act fundraising campaign, you’ll be making a meaningful contribution to improving access to quality education for young people in Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste.

What does improving education look like?

By partnering with local organisations located in remote parts of Asia, Oaktree is able to support projects focused on increasing accessibility, quality and stability of education in Asia.

Let’s have a glance at Cambodia’s education system. Corruption is common, running right up the chain through teachers, headmasters, school boards, provincial education authorities, and the national government. The only way children can pass is for their families to pay informal fees for “special” extra classes. This is to the detriment of low-income families, where poorer children are left behind, unable to pass classes while wealthier children excel.

Oaktree’s track record for creating lasting change can be seen in our partnership with the Beacon Schools Initiative (BSI), Cambodia. Wrapping up in 2015, this project has been a huge success in the past five years of operation.

BSI Demonstration School has introduced a new regulatory framework into Cambodia’s education system. The idea is to completely eradicate informal fees and private classes in schools by providing alternative incentives for teachers, like increased salaries, professional development opportunities and fostering pride and commitment to quality teaching.

The BSI Demonstration School has grown to become one of the highest performing schools in Cambodia, a beacon of hope for the future of education in Cambodia. Partnering with this organisation, Oaktree has provided financial and interpersonal support to BSI in their work to not only deliver greater access to education for the disadvantaged, but work to transform a faulty and inefficient education system.

And that’s the most important thing - when we create programs that challenge systems of oppression and corruption, we’re able to make lasting change in communities that need it most. When you invest in Oaktree, not only are you helping young people receive better access to education, you’re also investing in systematic change to benefit future generations. And that’s priceless.

Extreme poverty has been halved since 1990. But more than 1 billion people still remain below the line, and as long as anyone is denied basic opportunities for self-determination, our work is not done.

As part of Bendigo Bank’s Let’s Act campaign, we’re aiming to meet a fundraising target of $8000 in less than 25 days. Click here to pledge a donation, and receive rewards based on a given pledge amount.