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Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

There are a number of initiatives and opportunities that you’ll have the chance to be a part
of throughout your time with Oaktree. These are opportunities to be challenged and inspired, learn and grow.

National Conference

Held over a weekend in early December, National Conference is an opportunity to experience some brilliant training (sessions are run by experienced professionals), and amp up your development literacy. It’s also a chance to catch up with your Oaktree buddies, make some new ones, and stock up on inspiration for the year ahead. National Conference is a must for all volunteers.


For Oaktree volunteers who are wanting to unleash their leadership potential, are risk takers when it comes to challenge, open minded to personal growth and are passionate about the cause. Emergers aims to build the capabilities of the next generation of Executive Leadership Team (ELT) leaders at Oaktree. Kicking off with a retreat on a weekend in late November, Emergers incorporates ongoing personalised coaching from a senior leader of Oaktree, with monthly “Master Classes” on a range of leadership skills and problem solving scenarios run by the best of the best – both in-house and industry experts. 

More Opportunities

There are a number of other opportunities that are open to different groups across the organisation – you’ll find out more as they crop up!

Current Opportunities Open for Application

BCG Mentoring (For ELT) - email Minto (m.felix@oaktree.org) for more information.

Leaders Hub (For ELT) - email Minto (m.felix@oaktree.org) for more information.