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Leadership at Oaktree

Leadership at Oaktree

To lead the movement to end poverty, we need leaders like you.  The Passport includes four aspects of personal and professional development that will help you excel at being a leader at Oaktree.

To Know Yourself

Understanding your values and motivations can help you maintain energy and focus on your work. They inform your thoughts, decisions and behavior; and understanding what drives you will make you a stronger and more effective leader. In developing and understanding your leadership style and working style, you can find the most effective ways of communicating and supporting your team as well as responding to your team’s needs.

 Here are some interesting tools that can help you get to know you.

Myers Briggs Personality Types

Johari Window

The Enneagram

VIA Leadership values

To Inspire Others

Inspiring others is all part of the job at Oaktree. As a leader you need to ensure that your team is committed to the cause and feels excited to do their part in leading the movement to end poverty. You need to know your team inside and out and to be intuitive about what your team needs, about when they need a break, when they need a push and when they need a dose of inspiration.

Here’s a little bit of inspiration.

Everyday Leadership

Leading with a Vision

To Manage Others

Great management consists of both skills and qualities. To manage your team you need skills such as time management, the ability to conduct meetings, delegate, to give and receive feedback and to negotiate within and outside your team. Alongside the development of such skills, it is also necessary to cultivate the kinds of qualities that make managers great. These include the ability to be assertive, to build rapport and to understand and recognise the emotional intelligence of yourself and your team members. These qualities enable you to build relationships within your team that facilitate your team’s engagement with the work that you do.

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To Have Strength in Times of Crisis

Strong leadership during challenging times help to hold a team together and make them as effective as possible. In the movement to end poverty, times of crisis often mean policy changes or flashpoints which require immediate attention. Leaders must have the ability to mobilise quickly, to have the know-how to quickly and effectively expand capacity and borrow support when necessary. Within your team, it will be necessary to resolve conflicts with empathy and creativity. By developing problem solving and risk management skills, you will be able to deal with crises within and outside your team. Your leadership during tough times can help to inspire and motivate your team in their roles and others to join the movement.

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