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Live Below the Line Website Launches


Early last week, we launched our website and with it, the Live Below the Line campaign for 2015!

You can find it at www.livebelowtheline.com.au and you’ll notice that it has had quite the makeover. We have also launched a video with the new website found on the homepage, as well as added new content around the site as a whole. You can do everything that you could do with the previous website: sign up, invite friends, start a team and start a blog. For those returning to take the challenge again, you’ll see your blog posts from the previous year, a great source of inspiration to remember how you started. Behind the scenes, we have restructured the backbone of our website to handle more users than ever before.

My name is Ming Sheng Tee, and I've had the privilege of being the Online Director of Live Below the Line in 2015. I have always been passionate about the power of technology to enable social change. This year I've had opportunity to make an impact through the Live Below the Line website - and I have never felt more fulfilled or satisfied with the work I’m currently doing.

In the lead up to launch I had the privilege of working with extremely talented volunteers in a multidisciplinary team, reviewing their needs from the website and ascertaining the best way to implement them. Our goal for this year is to analyse our user behaviour to determine the best methods to reach out to our audience and optimise the Live Below The Line online experience. The insight gathered from the online branch of our campaign is vital to every team within Oaktree and now that the website is up and running, I am extremely excited to oversee the analysis of its performance.

If you have any issues with the website, or have any inquiries about the campaign that wasn’t covered by it, please send us an email at hello@lbl.com.au