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Join the End Poverty Campaign

To change the world, we need to change perspectives.

As part of the End Poverty Campaign, we’re producing a documentary to unite thousands of Australians around a simple belief: that the end of extreme poverty is within our reach.

Stories have the power to create change. They have the power to inspire, motivate and unite.

On October 17, International Anti-Poverty Day, we’ll have one thousand Australians host a screening of our documentary. In lounge rooms, community halls and classrooms, these events will be about bringing people together - friends, family and community, sharing stories of passion, inspiration and change.

Together we can transform the way that Australians think about extreme poverty -- we’ll spread the word that extreme poverty can and will be ended.

It’s the actions of people and communities across the globe that have driven the movement to end poverty.  Now, more than ever we need to grow this movement to ensure that we see the end of extreme poverty in our lifetime.

October 17 is less than a month out from the G20 Summit that’s happening right in our backyard. The End Poverty Campaign will call on world leaders, as they come together in Brisbane to tackle the big issues that are standing in the way of ending poverty. To make sure that our leaders take action, we need Australians like you to join the fight.

So what can you do? Host a screening of our documentary on October 17. Share stories, spread the word. Change perspectives, change the world.

Learn more about what it means to be a part of the action on Anti-Poverty Day.

On Anti-Poverty Day, I'd love to...