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Investing in Young Australians

A Future Led by Young People

Young people are uniquely placed to shape a future underpinned by equity, driven by smart technology, and led by leaders who are passionate about creating social change, because we are the ones who will be inheriting the future and living in it.

We are committed to empowering young people in Australia through leadership training, professional development and personal growth. Each week, we have hundreds of young volunteers around Australia who collaborate together in professional environments to build their skill sets and grow confidence in themselves. We invest in our volunteers because they are our biggest asset, and we want them to leave Oaktree with memorable experiences and valuable qualities for future employers.

We are proud to promote diversity in our workplace and in the community. Diversity isn’t just a list of goals or boxes to tick, it is about an inclusive culture that values everyone for who they are. It’s an understanding and recognition that each individual is unique, and a commitment to utilising this to strengthen our movement to poverty. 

Check out our Diversity Page for more details about our stance on inclusion and equality.

How can I get involved? 

  • Not only are our young leaders passionate about ending poverty, but they have incredible (and moving, and hilarious) stories to share about change, movement building and the power of young people.
  • Help give our passionate young volunteers the resources they need to keep growing community awareness, building community support and creating political change.
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