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Our top 5 picks: Invasion Day resources

We stand firmly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in protest of “Australia Day”. We recognise that “Australia Day” is a day of mourning for many.

Here's a handful of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources we’ve found helpful:

1. “‘Why I didn’t celebrate Australia Day’: 9 Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians discuss why the date should change”

If a holiday that started 80 years ago is more important than acknowledging and respecting the people that were here over 60,000 year ago and their position on it, we’ve still got a long way to go” - Trials, Ngarrindjeri man

“Join me to march. Don’t be shamed if you’re non-Indigenous; I will hold you, and stand by you standing by me” - Amrita, Bundjulung/Ngapuhi woman

2. “Australia Day is a time for mourning, not celebration”

“Every Australia Day my heart is broken as I am reminded that in the eyes of many, I am not welcome on my own land” - Nakkiah Lui, Gamilaroi/Torres Strait Islander woman

3. “#StoriesOfSurvival: Max Edwards on representation and resilience”

I think Aboriginal people exist in mainstream Australia’s imagination as these ‘scary natives’ that they hear about on the news, so I think representations and our own voices should be front and centre and once that gets into the conversation they’ll understand, more so, that Australia needs to change and why we call it Invasion Day and Survival Day” - Max Edwards

4. Celeste Liddle: Changing the Date won’t fix ‘Australia Day’”

“In my reckoning, until there is a treaty there will be no other date to celebrate the birth of this nation on” - Celeste Liddle, Arrernte woman

5. “How to show solidarity with Indigenous Australians this Invasion Day”

“Challenge yourself by reading up on the frontier wars, the 1938 Day of Mourning, people such as Barangaroo, Pemulwuy, Yagan, Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner. Learn whose traditional lands you live on” - Celeste Liddle, Arrernte woman

Click here to access a list of nationwide Invasion/Survival Day events.