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Inspiring snippets from the People’s Climate March

Inspiring snippets from the People’s Climate March

Globally, this year’s People’s Climate March was huge. Over ten countries hosted record-breaking marches, including Australia, India, Bangladesh and Greece. In Australia there were 150,000 people marching for climate action, along with and 570,000 people across the globe.

Oaktree volunteers and supporters got together to reinforce our message: to fight extreme poverty, climate change action is crucial in protecting the world’s most vulnerable people.

 PCM4.jpg oaktree.jpg

Actions in Paris continued even though climate demonstrations were banned due to recent events in the city. 22,000 shoes were laid as a sign of determination towards the fight against climate change, sending a powerful message to global leaders at the Paris Climate Summit currently taking place in the city. 23318401581_0e71fa61bc_o.jpg

Marchers gathered together from countries in the Asia/Pacific region, who are already facing the most urgent impacts of climate change. Demonstrators in from Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu and Samoa broadcasted a strong message of persistence in their efforts and demands to mitigate climate change. 

23071972920_79b679afe4_o.jpg 23366912285_64a6250b86_o.jpg

Fiji and Papua New Guinea 23259464672_cfb88bda57_o.jpg


We saw creative characters march across the world, touching on a variety of climate issues. Some embraced their own cultural heritage, others descended from the heavens to deliver Earth a crucial message. 

23281853182_dd9be5bb68_o.jpg 23106241690_6b5dec52ea_o.jpg

Indonesia and Ukraine



Indigenous groups led marches across the world, shedding light on the importance of protecting sacred lands and highlighting the strong connection between people and culture. 23260468941_53726d0116_o.jpg 


Our young leaders of tomorrow came out to vent their concerns, demanding protection of our world for them and future generations to come.

22744568004_4952df91fb_o.jpg 23327538831_cb11993866_o.jpg

The Philippines and Mexico

Most importantly, thousands of people came together to broadcast an important message to diplomatic leaders ahead of the Paris Climate Summit: that climate change affects all of us, and we need more urgent deliveries to ensure the health and protection of all people, everywhere.