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Information for parents


Where your child is under the age of 18 we wanted to provide you with some additional information about how they will be supported during Bootcamp:

Risk and Safety information

All Oaktree initiatives adhere to a strict risk and safety procedure, particularly with respect to our duty of care for Under 18s. The Bootcamp is a strictly alcohol and drug free event, with trained first aid and mental health first aid officers on hand for young people that might be injured or experiencing stressors. There is also a particular emphasis on ensuring that logistical arrangements (i.e. sleeping, etc) are appropriate for Under 18s. The Bootcamp is covered by Oaktree’s comprehensive public liability insurance.

Group dynamics

The Bootcamp will attract young people of various ages and backgrounds, and it’s important that we create a positive experience for them all. With our Under 18s in particular, they will be assigned specific facilitators (support system) who have been trained in working with a younger age group. All activities and training programs have also been tailored to meet the unique learning needs of this age group. Whilst there is great learning and interaction that can occur between all of the young people attending Bootcamp, we want to ensure that the experience of Under 18s at all times is appropriate and relevant to them.


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