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For Managers

Your new recruit's first interactions with their new manager, team, branch and organisation as a whole, are a super important part of their Oaktree experience. A great induction and on-boarding experience can be the difference between someone dropping off the face of the earth after two months, and becoming a volunteer who sticks around for years and lives and breathes Oaktree.

Follow (& click through) these steps to ensure you're doing your bit to set your new team member up for success in their first role.

If you have any issues with any of the steps, chat to your ASD or email us at admin@oaktree.org 








While their induction is over as soon as they have agreed to our policies, have been given an email, and know where the office is and when they need to be there, the on-boarding process takes longer. This is all about ensuring a new team member feels confident and well-supported, both within the organisation and within their role.


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