We believe fiercely in the potential of young people, and we’re working hard to help them have a real impact on the things that matter to them.

Here in Australia, that means campaigning on the issue of extreme poverty, to raise public awareness of it and to advocate for policy change from our leaders. You might have seen us campaigning in your city. By joining Live Below the Line, you’re adding your voice to our biggest campaign.

Overseas, that means supporting carefully chosen partner organisations. They shift power so that young people in Cambodia and Timor-Leste can create opportunities for themselves.
By taking the Live Below the Line challenge, you’re helping to fund vital leadership and capacity-building programs.

In signing up for Live Below the Line, you’re taking action on something you care about. You’re bringing change to the table.
And by fundraising, you’re helping to create opportunities for other young people in our region to have their voices heard, too.

The Power of Our Programs
At Oaktree, we believe that empowering young leaders transforms lives. We reckon it’s the most powerful tool we have to tackle the injustice of poverty. When a young person is given opportunities and skills, they're not just improving their current lives. They’re amplifying their voice, so they can have an impact on their futures and uplift their communities. For a young person, this is a game-changer. That’s why we partner with organisations that create change on an individual, community and systemic scale, to provide opportunities for more young people to create a more just world.

The Right Thing To Do

Young leaders aren’t just a good thing - they’re a necessity. They are the building blocks behind social discourse and the catalysts for demanding change. With the right resources, young people can tackle systemic injustice and inequality in their communities. 

Thankfully, as Aussies, we’re pretty lucky to have such easy access to these resources. But regardless of where we come from, we all deserve the right to combat social injustice around us. 

At Oaktree, we don’t do charity. It’s fleeting and simply not outcomes-focused. 

Instead, we believe in empowerment. We work collaboratively with organisations and young people in Cambodia and Timor-Leste to create powerful young leaders that incite change. We’re doing our bit to make sure that this right has no borders. 

Want to know more about where your money goes? Check out our break down here.