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I'm In For 2016


As an Oaktree Community Leader, you have been at the forefront of the movement to end extreme poverty. Grassroots community engagement is what Oaktree is all about, and it’s what makes us strong. Your effort has played a huge role in growing our movement, and we definitely couldn’t do it all without you. We’re going to keep this up in 2016 - and we’d love to have you back!

Being a Community Leader is not only an important job, it’s also a heap of fun. The doorknocking, the meetings with political leaders, the campaigning and media stunts - it’s all about generating the most engagement and changing the most minds in the most interesting way possible. When young people get together to make a difference we can accomplish so much. The actions you take as a Community Leader are what change minds out in the community and recruit more supporters to the movement to end extreme poverty - will you keep these actions going for another year?

As a Community Leader in 2016, you’ll be out there leading the charge to make real change in the world.